1. The campus is planned at two acres site.
    2. Our campus is located at the distance of less than 3kms from city bus stand.
    3. It's not a school but definitely it is a place for holistic learning.
    4. The school caters to the Pre -Primary, Primary of education.
    5. The campus consists of contemporary detailing, Technology instilled designs, futuristic learning spaces.
    6. Multi purpose hall which is a state of art to support in house activities.
    7. Swimming pool inside the campus.
    8.  School furniture are designed to  suit the children growing needs which caters to various age groups and activities.
    9. Indoor Sports area
    10.Special Activity Rooms
    11.Music Room , Art and Craft room
    12.Smart education boards in each classroom with fully equipped technology helping in advanced learning.
    13. Excellent administration facilities with exclusive office spaces.
    14.Complete campus on CCTV surveillance ensuring complete safety for your child when within the campus.